Leverpak drums

Leverpak drums are suitable for packing powder, solid, semiliquid and hazardous products. Strong and versatile, they will protect your product in the most cost-effective manner.

Internal linings and barriers incorporated into the drum sidewall will provide enhanced protection for your products by extending shelf life and reducing the need for additional loose liners.

Drums printed with your company logo, brand names and product information will help to re-enforce your corporate image, as well as potentially reducing labelling costs.

  • Full UN approval to packaging groups I, II and III (solids).
  • Re-useable, re-cyclable and thermally recoverable.
  • Moisture protection barriers available, allowing outside storage.
  • Low tare weight, resulting in lower transport costs
  • Suitable for packing:
  • Powders
  • Granules
  • Pastes
  • Solids
  • Semi-liquids
  • Hazardous products

Features of the high-performance

Leverpak fibre drums

  • Electrogalvanised closure band incorporates safety edges for added protection
  • Full open top (FOT) opening for easy filling and removal of product
  • Product protection to UN Packaging group I, II, and III (Solids) Standards
  • Special protection barriers and adhesives incorporated into the sidewall, offer moisture protection and outside drum storage capability
  • Electrogalvanised chimb bands provide further impact strength
  • Plastic lid for improved strength and storage capacity. Gasket available for more effective seal
  • Decoration by printing or painting helps to promote company and product image
  • Maybe re-used, recycled and thermally recovered. Disposal should take any relevant legislation into account
  • Available in the following diameters: 355mm 395mm 470mm 510mm 571mm
  • Drum heights from 195mm to 1000mm
  • Volume range from 27 litres to 268 litres
  • A range of internal linings including polythene, polyfoil, polypropylene and silicone are available for maximum product protection and release properties
  • Made to BS EN ISO 9001:2008 quality standards
  • By supplying drums loose, stretchwrapped or palletised, Fibrestar Drums will match your bespoke handling and delivery requirements


with an inner core

Drums fitted with an inner core to allow the bulk packing of welding, ferrous and coated wire, are ideal for feeding machinery and processes requiring continuous or long duration supplies of wire. Fewer machine changeovers, less downtime and greater production efficiency will be achieved by using Pay-Off-Packs. Snag-free dispensing by incorporating a unique wire retention and control system is another added benefit.

Fibrestar Product-3

Liquid Leverpak

(specifically designed to carry liquids)

This is a product which will revolutionise the way liquids are stored and transported.
The drum comes complete with a unique bottom dispense facility, ensuring a smooth extraction of the drum’s contents.                    Liquid Leverpak is an affordable alternative to existing liquid carrying packs. The fibre version has a low carbon footprint and can easily be re-used, re-cycled or incinerated.




Every year thousands of tonnes of waste material are
incinerated within the United Kingdom. Landfill is no longer
a viable solution. Wastepak aims to reduce the cost of the
incineration waste route, with a more readily available,
lower cost alternative to the traditional steel and plastic

Fibrestar Product-12

Printing and decoration

(fully customisable)

Drums printed with your company logo, brand names and product information will help to re-enforce your corporate image, as well as potentially reducing labelling costs.

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