70 Years’ Experience in Drum Manufacture

UK Market Leader

Fibrestar Drums are the largest producer of fibre drums in the UK, operating from our new site in Hazel Grove since April 2013. Experience and technical knowledge is used to the full.

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Bespoke Packaging

Whether it be decorating drums with your corporate colours, printing company logos or product information, Fibrestar Drums can design any product specifically to your needs.

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Environmental Support

Fibrestar Drums can provide information and support on all environmental packaging issues. Global support for fibre drum users through our membership of SEFFI.

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Welcome to Fibrestar Drums

Fibrestar Drums is proud to be the largest supplier of fibre drums in the UK, delivering innovative, high-quality industrial packaging solutions across the globe.

Our dedicated Technical Resource team is here to work closely with you through every step of the packaging process; from a full assessment of your packaging requirements all the way through to helping you with packaging, recycling and disposal.

Take a look at our extensive range of products and services to discover how Fibrestar Drums has become the UK's leading fibre drum manufacturer. Our friendly, approachable team are on hand to provide you with all the advice you need when selecting the best possible packaging options for you and your business.

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Fibre drums and why we love them

Fibre drums are a versatile and durable packaging alternative to plastic and steel. With the added benefits of being lightweight, customisable and re-usable, they are the latest in cost-effective and environmentally friendly packaging.

Some of the many benefits of choosing the fibre drum are...

  • It's strength and durability means that it is perfect for safely carrying a wide variety of products including; solids, powders, pastes, semi-liquids and hazardous materials
  • The high level of durability also means that fibre drums can be re-used again and again. When it's time for them to be disposed of, the drums can easily be recycled
  • The range of heights and diameters available means that you only pay for what you need, with no wastage and no unnecessary costs
  • Though it may look simple on the outside, the fibre drum ensures electrostatic inertia and provides thermal insulation. It also protects its contents from UV rays
  • The paper and board used to make our drums come from purpose-built sustainable forests – for every tree used, another one is planted
  • Thanks to our lightweight drums coming in a wide variety of bespoke shapes and sizes, transportation costs are kept to a minimum
  • To top it all, fibre drums are fool proof. With an open top design, filling and dispensing, is made simple and efficient
70 Years’ Experience in Drum Manufacture