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The UK’s market leader for fibre drums, with 70 years’ experience in manufacturing.

UK market leader

UK market leader

Fibrestar Drums are the largest producer of fibre drums in the UK, operating from our new site in Hazel Grove since April 2013. Experience and technical knowledge is used to the full.

Bespoke packaging

Bespoke packaging

Whether it be decorating drums with your corporate colours, printing company logos or product information, Fibrestar Drums can design any product specifically to your needs.

Environmental support

Environmental support

Fibrestar Drums can provide information and support on all environmental packing issues. Global support for fibre drum users through our membership of SEFFI.

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Fibrestar Drums

Fibrestar Drums is proud to be the largest supplier of fibre drums in the UK, delivering innovative, high-quality industrial packaging solutions across the globe.

Our dedicated Technical Resource team is here to work closely with you through every step of the packaging process; from a full assessment of your packaging requirements all the way through to helping you with packaging, recycling and disposal.

Take a look at our extensive range of products and services to discover how Fibrestar Drums has become the UK's leading fibre drums manufacturer. Our friendly, approachable team are on hand to provide you with all the advice you need when selecting the best possible packaging options for you and your business.

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A Biodegradable, Durable & Stackable Paper Tub


Leverpak drums are a strong and versatile solution for packing powder, solid, semiliquid and hazardous products.

All Fibre Drums

Available in two styles, All Fibre Drums are designed for packing powder, solid and hazardous products with a choice of lids.

Square Round

Square Round incorporates all the cost benefits of a fibre drum with the added advantage of a square profile.



Unipak is designed to package products such as hot melt adhesives, mastics, silicon sealants and elastomers, and inks and varnishes.


100% recyclable, light, and easy to handle, Fibrepak is ideal for packing powder, solids, granules, semi-liquid and hazardous materials.

Plastic Containers

Our extensive range of rigid plastic containers provide high performance UN rated dangerous goods packaging.


Concerned about

Your carbon footprint?

Fibrestar Drums has it covered. We can provide carbon emissions data for all of our products and can even show you how they compare with other types of packaging. Fibrestar Drums has done the research, so you don't have to.

One of the major benefits of using the fibre drum is that it is an environmentally friendly and efficient product:

  • 100% recyclable and biodegradable

    Our drums are made from natural, renewable paper and board. They are both 100% recyclable and 100% biodegradable. The paper used to make our drums is taken from sustainable, purpose-grown forests, so for every tree used, another one is planted

  • Re-usable

    If stored and handled correctly our drums can be re-used multiple times. Drums that reach the end of their life cycle can be easily recycled back into paper production, used as fuel or even used as compost material

  • Minimum amount of energy

    The fibre drum manufacturing process doesn't require the high levels of energy that are used for producing other common packaging materials like steel or plastic. Our drums are manufactured in normal room temperature conditions ensuring that the bare minimum amount of energy is used

  • Lightweight

    The versatile and lightweight nature of our drums means that they are easy to handle and uniquely space efficient. This means lower transportation costs, easy storage and greater ease in recycling and disposal

Our history


Fibrestar Drums began its life in 1932 as the '3 Ply Barrel Co'. Located in Trafford Park, we initially specialised in making plywood kegs - the 1930s equivalent to the state-of-the-art drums we manufacture today.


By 1949 our fibre drums were rapidly increasing in popularity, which led to Bowaters taking over the company and moving it to Disley, where we were based until very recently.


As more and more people heard about our packaging solutions, demand increased. In 1956 Bowaters made the decision to expand the site to 168,000 square feet.


A few years later, in 1962, we signed a licence agreement with Continental Can and the original Leverpak was born.


It was not until 1995 that the company was rebranded again, this time becoming known as Rexam Drums. In 2000, Rexam sold its Industrial Packaging Division to Alpinvest VC and the company finally became known as Fibrestar Drums.


In 2007, the company underwent a management buyout. This was led by our current Managing Director, Colin Pardoe, and Finance Director, Stephen Hornby.


The latest development in our timeline is our move to Hazel Grove in Stockport in 2013. This specially designed, state-of-the-art production site has enabled us to achieve our mission to provide the very best in up-to-date packaging products and services.


For over eight decades we have been dedicated to providing economical, high-quality, versatile packaging for all of our customers; past, present and future. Today, at our new site and with a growing team of 60 fibre drum experts, we look forward to another eighty years of sharing our passion for packaging across the globe.

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