All Fibre Drum

The eco-friendly drum

This fully recyclable, eco-friendly drum is derived from 100% renewable materials.

The All Fibre Drum is ideal for packing powder, solids, granules, semi-liquid and hazardous materials and is suitable for a wide range of markets including; pharmaceutical, chemical, hot melt adhesives, welding wire, waste and food.

The eco-friendly drum
  • Features:

    All Fibre Drums are available in two styles:

    • Pattern 5 - A drum made from 100% renewable, sustainable virgin Kraft.
    • Ecodrum - A drum made from 100% recycled fibreboard.

    There is a choice of standard slip on lid or the All Fibre Flush system*.

    All Fibre Drums have:

    • Full UN approval for the transportation of dangerous goods.
    • Capacities from 5ltr to 205ltr - fully customisable to your requirements.
    • Low tare weight, resulting in lower transport costs.
    • Bitupak - a silicon-lined AF drum designed for the safe shipment and application of bitumen.

    *The All Fibre Flush System provides a flat external surface making taping easier and more efficient. The depth of the lid is normally 100mm but this can be altered to meet your specific requirements.

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