Fibre Drums For Waste and Incineration

Tuesday, 23 May 2017 14:31

Fibre Drums For Waste and Incineration

Fibre Drums Inspire Change in Waste for Incineration



Thousands of tonnes of hazardous and non-hazardous waste are sent for incineration within the UK each year. Fibrestar Drums identified that by introducing a fibre drum to the waste industry as a vessel for waste collection, shipment and disposal; we could deliver benefits to both the Waste Producer, through reduced waste disposal costs, and the Waste Handler, through faster incineration.


The concept of introducing a “new” fibre drum to an industry that had a well-established record of using reconditioned steel drums was not an easy task. Fibrestar were faced with preconceptions that a fibre drum would simply not prove robust enough to work. There were concerns over the performance of a fibre drum when exposed to the UK’s infamous climate!


Fibrestar introduced a UN-approved, weather-resistant, fibre drum to the waste industry. Extensive trials proved conclusively that the fibre drum performed effectively in the collection, shipment and disposal of solid, waste products.

The experience of working with the fibre drums during the trials allayed any concerns from customers regarding the fibre drum’s strength and durability. The ease of handling the fibre drum is now seen as a real added benefit.


During 2016 Fibrestar provided over 20,000 fibre drums to the waste industry for incineration. This has provided a positive contribution to all participants in the waste management process and perhaps most importantly, looked after our environment.

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