PRODUCT OVERVIEW: Composite 1,000 Litre IBC

Wednesday, 21 December 2016 09:57

PRODUCT OVERVIEW: Composite 1,000 Litre IBC

One of our most popular products is the 1,000 Litre Composite IBC, thanks, mostly, to its simplicity and versatility when it comes to transporting a wide range of materials across countries and continents.

The sheer beauty of the 1,000 Litre Composite IBC is its ability to do the basics, and do them well, thanks to its unique design that allows bulk transportation of anything from powdered food ingredients such as food syrups like corn syrup or molasses right through to bulk chemicals; including hazardous materials and dangerous goods.

Being cubic in shape, the 1,000 Litre Composite IBC can transport more material compared to more traditional cylindrical-shaped containers which can’t be stacked as easily – often resulting in a greater footprint.

Because of this the manufacturer of a particular product is able to bulk package their products in one country and ship to many other international destinations at a reasonably low cost with less fuss and complication for all.

What’s more, you can also package in final consumer form, in accordance with the regulations of many countries, not to mention in a language suitable for that country when it has reached its final destination – eradicating the need for timely and confusing changes along the way.

Take a closer look at the full specifications of the 1,000 Litre Composite IBC by reading the product description which is included below.

Short description: IBC 1,000L in UN design with plastic pallet

Measures (mm): Length:1200;Width:1000;Height:1165

Weight (kg): approx. 56

Capacity (l): 1000

Overflow capacity (l): 1060

Material / Technical Requirements / Processing:

Inner Bottle: HDPE Natural, UV-stabilized, blow moulded, weight (kg): approx 16

Filling opening / Screw cup:

- Opening 150mm
- Sealable screw cap 150mm, black, made by injection moulding
- Sealing ring 445 x 7 mm

Discharge/Discharge closure:    

- Opening 50mm
- integrated valve, natural-coloured.
- Sealing ring made of PCP (38 x 7 mm)
- handle made of HDPE blue
- aluminium sealing welded on the front of the valve
- sealable screw cap HDPE black,
Accessories: Outlet pipe bend


- steel cage made of steel tubes galvanized inside and outside.
- horizontal and vertical steel tubes are welded
- weight (kg): approx 21,5

Marking: 1 labelling plate 722 x 350 mm,
Corner Protectors: PE-HD, black coloured

Pallet: 4-way entry runner plastic pallet, 1200 x 1000 mm,
Delivery: loose, bottle is inside free from dirtying and impurity, ready for filling

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