Revolutionary fibre drum being developed by Fibrestar

Thursday, 10 November 2016 10:30

Revolutionary fibre drum being developed by Fibrestar

Fibrestar are currently in the process of developing an environmentally friendly fibre drum specifically designed to carry liquids – a product which could revolutionise the way liquids are stored and transported.

The drum, complete with a bottom dispense facility, will be designed primarily for use in the food sector but not exclusively, such is its adaptability and versatility when it comes to carrying an array of liquids, either for storage or for transportation purposes.

Until now fibre drums have been predominantly used for storing solids, pastes and powders and not necessarily designed for holding and carrying liquids, but this new design allows the drum to be filled with non-hazardous liquids and products easily and safely.

An affordable alternative to the more expensive steel drums the fibre version also boasts a lower carbon footprint as it can easily be re-used, re-cycled or easily incinerated. It can also be decorated with company logos to maximise brand awareness

This is a “bag in drum” concept based on aseptic filling and Fibrestar are currently seeking a partner for collaborative drum development of this product for volumes ranging from 30 litres up to 250 litres.
The bags have already been commissioned in conjunction with suppliers Nittel and Scholle and a proto-type drum is in place with the plan being to develop this product further with a partner.

“Despite initial success within the malt sector and the various other liquid applications surrounding this extremely competitive market, low volume is hindering development to justify tooling costs for further development. Hence, the requirement to find a partner who can work with us and take this project to the next level.”

For interested parties Fibrestar will be looking to demonstrate this new development at a number of major European packaging exhibition in 2017.

For more information please call Fibrestar on 0161 482 7222 or alternatively use our online enquiry form.

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