Online ordering platform launched by chemical packaging giant Fibrestar

Tuesday, 16 August 2016 07:53

Online ordering platform launched by chemical packaging giant Fibrestar

Pharmaceutical, wire and chemical packaging specialists Fibrestar has launched a brand new ecommerce website that will make ordering products easier and quicker for online shoppers.

Having fully-upgraded their existing website and added an online shopping platform they are now able to cater for customers who have moved away from more traditional ordering methods in recent years.

As well as the new ordering hub and online store making the ordering process simpler and quicker it will also provide greater information on products through detailed case studies and item descriptions. It will also allow visitors to purchase items without any unnecessary interaction or timely phone calls – even when they are on the go.

The move gives new customers an option for clients who traditionally place orders over the phone for those who prefer to purchase items direct online. Brian Edwards, Sales Manager at Fibrestar, is keen to stress that existing customers will not be affected by the change in any way and we still offer a full technical support service to those who prefer a personal approach.

“There are simply more people who wish to purchase through the website now,” he explains. “Our current business arrangements will not be affected by this; it is simply an addition to enhance customer experience.

“We want to bring an increasing selection of products to different markets and use a modern platform for our website yet remain functional and effective.”

Fibrestar, are based in Stockport it is the UK’s leading producer of  bespoke fibre drums and can offer technical support, development and testing of packaging systems. They have long and successful relationships to  supply blue chip accounts such as; GSK, Lincoln Electric, Veolia, Novartis, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Croda Chemicals, Boots and Piramal to name just a few..

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